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Geneva 2016: AC Schnitzer ACL2 BMW M235i

Geneva 2016: AC Schnitzer ACL2 BMW M235i - BMW M235i is a sports car which at the moment is being presented at the Geneva International Motor Show in which her show starts from 3 March to 13 year 2016. BMW M235i no longer have the letter M, but on the other hand the letter listed in his statement i.e. ACL2. BMW is known as glamorous and competent in mailings, in which each driver. Spoiling motorsport AC Schnitzer currently has become a synonymous with BMW considering a vehicle technology which is more than enough time for M 30 years.

With the ACL2, experts facilitate the vehicle by applying the performance of 570 HP. This is a thing that can be achieved thanks to the replacement of the engine by place the gifts trees plants found in the BMW AC Schnitzer considering the M4 which do the work of arranging it all.

Geneva 2016: AC Schnitzer ACL2 BMW M235i

On the application of these some were eliminated, including eliminating the Vmax in order to restrict through the management unit programming. Rear limited slip differential then Drexler locked diff from 25-95 percent that could allow cornering correctly though done by the time all of a sudden. On the optimized channels and intake of carbon on a battery of depicting the meaning of subsidies from the letter "L" on the publication of the concept vehicle, which in this case is not for commercial use. There are some things that can be expected from some of the engineer Aachen is expected ACL2 is always busy.

Geneva 2016: AC Schnitzer ACL2 BMW M235i

The application is done successfully to fruition, which only time can obtain ACL2 in 3.9 seconds to be able to do acceleration from 0-100 km/h and can reach speeds of 330 km/h zenith, a thing that is very unusual. Speedo needle on this incredible vehicle can be held safely with the circumstances in which that are already checked out. With the presence of a brake caliper 6-pot on the belly in the middle with size 400 x 38 mm ceramic carbon contained in the brake discs which are drilled and supported its position also in the presence of 4-pot brakes once the following instructions with the size 380 x 28 mm carbon ceramic discs at the back which his position well drilled.

There is more power in the bottom of the hood in addition to the things that would have guaranteed by AC Schnitzer downpipe addition serves to enhance the impression on the torque. AC Schnitzer have sewage systems that can go back in and also the mass especially catalytic converter "200 cpsi" Ac Schnitzer (racing EVO carbon) tailpipes on the right and left of the Glamour may give the breath can take its own representative entitled acoustics without any help from the Geneva Motor Show itself.

At the time of the AC Schnitzer can preserve the vehicles from the series M motorsport, fans on their hands rubbing that surrounded the presence of glee. This is a part of the Aachen Company that always pulls out every person who always stops in when it comes to delays and also on the part of the bodywork. The replacement on the axles for BMW M235i is already adequate for now, so also for BMW M4 technology, together go to the peak of the AC schnitzer sports club without any delay. In addition to offering a full adaptation of compression and rebound stage, in this case there are plans that can be implemented against the pressure of the ACL2 even when stuck. AC Schnitzer has a handle on bearings and bodywork M4 carbon strut braces can carry without compromise to the street to motorsport.

Geneva 2016: AC Schnitzer ACL2 BMW M235i

Niche sportingly set aerodynamic supported by skirt which serves to optimize the flow of characters, quickly after the carbon on the belly of the spoiler on the elements of AC Schnitzer, while for the splitter and carbon on the belly side wings each two per side. To the rear of the ACL2 showed up with the concurrent advance greater than M-friendly, which is at the back of the AC Schnitzer diffuser made of carbon. On the rear wing, when Gurney Flap and more devoted to the foot can improve an already determined his boot with a size of 250 mm, in this case there are some opinions that the protest will be less vibration on severity and intention may actually be owned more even without having to sacrifice an impressive aesthetics.

According to the report, in the section on AC Schnitzer wheel arch extensions to the abdomen are immediately able to sense openings and arches on the third wheel deflector wings feature characters side, almost any accumulation goes with the accuracy can be seen so strong. This is an additional amplified by AC schnitzer rear wheel on the extensions settings its inlet begins on two outlet openings located around the wheel arches. The wing deflector order over the occasional Crucible together on each side. With this series of conversions is joined by 140 mm wide with a vehicle which can be said to be satisfactory in 70 mm for the upper part of each side.

While part of it, to the hood made from carbon that was applied in the AC Schnitzer mirror black Bonnet vents, while specifically for features like in the paint by applying classic racing green colour and air-conditioning specialty sports racing Schnitzer. On the part of the bodywork, the visual tuning packages unmodified apply wide application.

Geneva 2016: AC Schnitzer ACL2 BMW M235i

On the interior M235i have many improvements, with the aim to create the heart of individualist truly implement faster emphasis. For the interior especially on coats of skin applying bicolor by applying the green color are combined using perforated Nappa leather combined with black suede material that is sewn with stitches in green. On the trim also apply strips in matt classic racing which is also green. With this application, it can be seen that an accomplishment that will look completely extreme be near of ACL2 in its interior. Remember the black and green on Nappa leather and carbon it took a taste into account ACL2 on logo. AC Schnitzer Evo sport is also equipped with airbag in the steering wheel and perforated Nappa leather. Leather coated with a green suede have indicators and also carbon handle delays on the Center Consul, which can produce an effect of design and aesthetics, designed by key experts from AC Schnitzer.

AC Schnitzer rules toting will be exhibited by displaying some of the temperature, the temperature of which reveal the intake, boost pressure etc. AC Schnitzer can pass the combi-instrument which has the immediacy of a display can go to 330 km/h, in preparation for verification of a clear proficiency are on a concept vehicle to the inside. This all natural, let alone impressed in the event a fantastic tuning that implements the components to the interior is no less key in AC Schnitzer. On the application of a set of pedals used with aluminum and on the foot rests and then illuminated by AC Schnitzer logo. The gear knob and also handbrake handled by applying the Black line. While on the logo, some were together in melodic velour on the feet of AC Schnitzer is equipped with an entry threshold strip featuring the logo of ACL2.

Geneva 2016: AC Schnitzer ACL2 BMW M235i

Geneva 2016: AC Schnitzer ACL2 BMW M235i

Although the AC Schnitzer ACL2 is a vehicle that is filled with many of the concepts, but there are also some of the many application of a simple concept in the custom or modified version too with its application for the BMW model 2 series.

The success of the implementation of all the above reviews is proud of the AC Schnitzer connord improvements agreed to make some dealers in Germany and some importers who'll be agreed for the whole world. So the fans will not feel worried, because some of them can be easily to have and fix when the fans have such vehicles.

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