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Power Homage To The BMW 2002

Power Homage To The BMW 2002 - The BMW 2002 tribute congratulated his namesake on the Concorso d' Eleganza Villa d'Este to the 50th anniversary in 2016. Characteristic features of the 02 series quote design and technology.

If a worthy member of the family is celebrating a birthday, creative gifts are in demand. Exactly this role of homage (2016), which now birthday of the 02 series on the Concorso d' Eleganza Villa d'Este will be presented on the occasion of the 50th the BMW 2002. The rolling Gratulant transported typical design elements of the classic BMW 2002 turbo in our time and shows how nasty a today's BMW would look like 2 in the brutally tightened look of the 70s. Homage To The BMW 2002

And also the technical basic concept of the BMW 2002 tribute is similar to the 50-year-old ancestor: the compact Coupé for retro scores with short overhangs, rear-wheel drive and a turbocharged engine under the hood. Thus the Munich also look back proudly on an innovation from 1973, because the BMW 2002 turbo was the first European series car with Turbo charging at all. In the year of the 100th anniversary of the brand, the Turbo has become the standard, by the usual naturally aspirated engines not a single copy is found more in the current BMW engine range.

The BMW 2002 Power Homage Homage To The BMW 2002

Design quotes like the interconnected kidneys, the single headlight with separately the turn signals and the raised wheel arches awaken memories of a long past time in the 170 PS of the 2002 turbo could be a source of awesome astonished looks in the middle class. Which force package the BMW 2002 tribute to the year 2016 prompts Bayern not - give though but the Powertrain of the current BMW M2 would with its 370 PS strong six-cylinder as the proverbial fist on the eye to the self-confident look fit. Sprint values of less than five seconds on 100 taking off anyway, even homage to the BMW 2002, if you still not perceived the traditional mirrored attached turbo lettering on the front bumper. That many items that previously were allowed to shine in chrome were replaced by modern carbon and specially created the vehicle in the and in places matt held color space race metal shines, completes the retro charm of the racy tribute to stylish.

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