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BMW Quad-Turbo Diesel Engine

The new BMW Quadturbo Diesel Engine 2016 comes with 400 HP and 760 nm of torque. How he does it, explain the technical details of the power-B57. A few days ago, the new BMW Quadturbo diesel at the Vienna motor Symposium was officially presented, now we can go a closer with the help of some official documents of presenting engine Builder on the technical details of most six-cylinder diesel in the series production car. Already the previously used Triturbo diesel games in terms of power and efficiency in a League of its own, the new engine with four turbochargers puts another one on it in every way.

BMW Quadturbo Diesel Engine
BMW Quadturbo Diesel Engine

Basis for the newly developed power diesel out of Munich is the six-cylinder diesel B57, which already is in use in weaker versions with one and two turbochargers. A Variant no longer there will be different with three loaders as at the previous engine with the internal designation N57, instead, two pairs of differently sized turbocharger BMW Quadturbo diesel be used. The two small turbochargers are responsible for a spontaneous response and powerful torque at low engine speeds, the two larger Chargers have enough volume for maximum power and a motor characteristic, also at high speeds for rich punch.

BMW Quadturbo Diesel Technical Details Top-B57

At low speeds and low load, the BMW uses only one of the two high-pressure turbochargers Quadturbo diesels. More dynamic driving style and higher speeds are the two low pressure turbochargers added and provide for a two-stage turbo charging with higher peak and spontanerer throttle response. The second high pressure charger called the full power is switched on and all four exhaust gas turbochargers work hand in hand.

The peak output of 400 Horsepower is the driver between 4,000 and 4,400 rpm to the page, the maximum torque of 760 nm is between 2,000 and 3,000 rpm. More important than these Windows are but the extremely broad areas in which much of the force is available: Stand between 1,600 and 4100 rpm at least 90 per cent of maximum torque available and between 3,000 and 5,000 rpm are never less than 80 percent of the peak power.

Goal of the developers was to breathe even more power to the engine when compared to the previously used Triturbo diesel not only on paper and in objective measurements, but especially in the subjective perception. While the performance restricted nominally to manageable 19 HP, Quadturbo diesel BMW to convince his driver on every meter with large power reserves, more revving and spontanerem response.

In practice, the new BMW 750 is xDrive generation G11 / G12 able to disassociate his direct predecessor clearly within a few seconds. The Quadturbo diesel elaborated at full load acceleration from after little more than three seconds a car length advantage, after seven seconds this value has more than quadrupled. The BMW 7 series with Quadturbo diesel completed the standard Sprint from 0 to 100 in 4.6 seconds, after all, three tenths of a second less than that of its predecessor.

Specifically for the Quad-packed top model of BMW B57 family the basic engine adjusted so that he can cope with pressures of 210 bars. In the also advanced common-rail system with servo-hydraulic pies injection of the 3rd generation, the maximum pressure can rise now on over 2500 bar, add a ENT throttled air duct and a multistage intercooled. Yet there are many common parts with the B57 basic engine and the elements of the BMW modular engine family, which keeps the costs within the framework.

The motor control is complex that the new BMW B57 as world's first production engine may rely on a multi core processor in the control unit. Just like the weaker variants, also the Quadturbo - six-cylinder uses special engine software that optimally exploiting the great potential of the multi core processor under all operating conditions. Had to be satisfied the previous 1 x 180 megahertz, the control unit of the generation DDE8 can work with a clock rate of 1 x 200 and 2 x 300 megahertz. It also has more memory and more RAM to react even faster.

BMW Quadturbo Diesel Engine
BMW Quadturbo Diesel Technical Details Top-B57
The self igniting high-tech engine is rounded off by a complex and highly effective exhaust gas after treatment, providing significantly lower emissions than the previous engine. In the context of the new 750 BMW xDrive consumption reduced to 5.7-liter diesel and the resulting CO2 emissions of 149 g / km is only one of several elements. An engine near NOx storage catalytic converter with a coated particle filter is combined with an SCR catalytic converter on the vehicle underbody, so also the nitrogen oxide and particulate emissions below the levels of its predecessor and far from the valid limits stay away.

It is already clear that the stakes in BMW only represents the beginning 750 and 750Ld. The next BMW M550d G30 fall back as well as the M50d variants of X 5 and X 6 with safety on the Quadturbo diesel.

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