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BMW 3 Series GT Facelift Redesign

In the summer of 2016 the BMW 3 Series GT facelift with refreshed design, new engines and the latest iDrive update in the second half of the F34. About a year goes to sedan and touring with the BMW 3 series GT facelift 2016 of also Gran Turismo of 3 series in its second half.  The considerably more spacious thanks to an extended wheel base mainly in the rear hatchback version since their market indeed has taken over 130,000 customers and stands sold 3 worldwide for more than 10 percent of all.

BMW 3 Series GT Facelift Redesign

To the facelift 2016, the BMW is visually only gently revised 3 series GT (F34 LCI), finally, the design of the Gran Turismo is long established and is appreciated by many customers for its elegance and dynamics. The GT version in China, Germany and the United States is particularly popular. All three markets that look forward to responsible also that a majority of GT customers of another brand for the first time switch to BMW.

BMW 3 Series GT facelift Update for Gran Turismo

The most important design changes involve already when maintaining model sedan and touring the lighting technology, the BMW 3 series GT 2016 goes with new LED headlamps at the front and also revised LED tail lamps at the start. The rear view is also enhanced with a new rear apron and the current tailpipe philosophy: also 320i and 320 d go in the future with two tailpipes at the start, in General, the tailpipes of many models in the future have a larger diameter and therefore play a more prominent role.

BMW 3 Series GT Facelift Redesign

The revision of the engine range will play a greater role as the gentle design retouching for most customers, but also here the BMW 3 series GT facelift 2016 sedan and touring. New in the program moves the BMW 340i GT, which replaced the previous 335i and powered the 326 PS strong version of the six-cylinder modular motor B58. BMW 330i GT (replaced 328i) and 320i GT in the future come the 252 and 184 PS strong expansion stages of the current four-cylinder motor B48 used, that we know already for some time from other models. On pages of the diesel, only the BMW 325d GT Gets an update on the 224 HP strong bi turbo variant of four-cylinder diesel B47, all other diesel were brought in last summer to the latest version.

BMW 3 Series GT Facelift Redesign

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Also the Interior which receives also the latest generation of the BMW iDrive system with tiled look in the main menu optimized materials and detailed solutions is experiencing a targeted appreciation. The main places that remain in the Fund, which he compared to the limousine around 11 cm extended wheelbase for space as in the upper class. Under the large tailgate, 520 to 1,600 liters of luggage space can be used as usual.

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