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2016 BMW M140i Sport Car With 340 HP

2016 BMW M140i Sport Car - An old buddy is celebrating with a brand-new name its launch: the BMW M140i adheres to in the footprints of the M135i and the success of its precursor continues to be totally true: Despite the new classification is in concept coincide automobile, just under the hood has actually there been a major adjustment. The N55 previously used is changed by the new six-cylinder B58, henceforth are 340 hp and 500 Nm of torque offered.

2016 BMW M140i Engine

Nevertheless, the actual history for the brand-new name of the BMW M140i is not the engine, however rather a coming modification in the design names. As soon as behind lots of acquainted engine faster ways stuck as 25d, 25i or 30i for a long time turbocharged four-cylinder instead of normally aspirated six-cylinder designs, the ending is 35i soon go the same way.

2016 BMW M140i Sport Car With 340 HP

Then a more than 300-hp turbocharged four-cylinder comes for the sporting activities versions of small models to UKL-base made use of, the six-cylinder with 3.0 litres wear after that comprehensively the ending 40i.

Although the advancement of the new 35i-four-cylinder engine is not yet total and also models such as the X1 therefore have to wait a bit on their M Efficiency by-product, one has in Munich already the renaming of sports variations of 1- and also 2-series determined - nevertheless, it would certainly be challenging to clarify that under the sign 35i very same versions are supplied with 4 as well as 6 cylinders.

2016 BMW M140i Exterior

2016 BMW M140i Sport Car With 340 HP

2016 BMW M140i Performance

Our photos show one of the first devices of the BMW M140i soon prior to shipment, the M135i follower radiates below in innocent white and also has the xDrive on board. With the grip of four driven wheels as well as the efficiency of the standard in this setup, eight-speed automatic it can be found in 4.4 secs from 0 to 100, the rear-drive versions require for the very same workout depending upon the selected transmission from 4.6 to 4.8 seconds.

2016 BMW M140i Sport Car With 340 HP

2016 BMW M140i Price

Lag the starting price for the M135i when slightly below 40,000 euros, will fee the BMW M140i 2016 at the very least 42,200 euros. At this rate, you get the three-door design with rear-wheel drive and also manual transmission. The most pricey based upon the standard rate variant is the BMW M140i xDrive five-door, which fees at the very least 47,100 euros.

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