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BMW Active Driving Assistant

BMW Active Driving Assistant Plus - You can completely depend on the Chauffeur Help systems for every trip. They make your BMW also smarter. Delight in more safety and security, the very best exposure by day or evening-- or even the experience of car parking. In the safest feasible hands: with BMW ConnectedDrive at your side. To ensure that you not only expect every journey in your BMW however the vehicle parking also, smart park support systems are currently available from BMW ConnectedDrive. Your BMW assists you in every car parking scenario and makes the manoeuvring easier, much faster and effortless.

Rear View Electronic Camera

With the Back Sight Cam you have everything comfortably visible at the back also. A wide-angle lens portrays every obstacle in fine information on the Control Display in colour and also from the optimum viewpoint. Interactive lane lines suggest whether the parking space is large enough for the car and also make the real parking procedure less complicated. When you're steering with a trailer, also, the Back View Camera supplies assistance using the extended zoom feature. So you'll never ever forget anything once again.


Confidently park hands-free. The Parking Assistant also makes the look for a car parking place less complicated. At a rate of up to 35 km/h and with a maximum distance of 1.5 m to the row of parked automobiles, ultrasonic sensors indicate any type of feasible voids for you. Discover a place, choose reverse gear, take your hands off the steering wheel and, in addition to increasing as well as stopping, your BMW deals with the rest. During the look for a parking space and the manoeuvre, all appropriate details is revealed on the Control Show.

BMW Active Driving Assistant

Border View

A new means of taking a look at points: Border View gives you a 270-degree overall panorama view. It substantially boosts vision, specifically when driving in and from difficult entrances or auto parking in limited rooms. That is made possible by a combination of cameras in the outside mirrors and also a Rear View video camera. Additionally, 2 digital video cameras left wing and right at the front of the lorry capture the scenario at the side and transmit it onto the Control Display. This enables you to see going across website traffic approaching in good time and also to respond appropriately.

Park Distance Control

Vehicle parking as well as manoeuvring in constrained rooms are facilitated for you. Park Range Control (PDC) at the front and also rear uses ultrasound to gauge the range to any kind of challenges that could be present, alerts you acoustically and demonstrates how far any obstacles are away in the Control Show. The system switches on listed below a distance of 80 cm when the vehicle is moving and also listed below 30 cm when stationary.

Intelligent Driving

Stay relaxed throughout your trip. Now you could rely on the motorist aid systems from BMW ConnectedDrive. They steer you through the jams, keep you at a secure distance when essential and also react with lightning speed in hazardous circumstances. Take pleasure in a feeling of security in your BMW.


Maintains a safe distance, so you can kick back. Active Cruise Ship Control with Quit & Go consisting of radar-based strategy control alerting with Brake Activation provides you with reliable assistance in any way times. Radar sensing units completely check the carriageway, adapting your rate as well as keeping your range from the automobile ahead. When the roadway is clear again, the system increases automatically. As well as, thanks to come close to control caution, you can delight in a secure drive in any type of scenario-- even when Cruise Control is not presently activated. If the vehicle brakes greatly, it initially warns you with an optical and after that an acoustic signal. If you do not react by braking, your BMW will respond and also brakes for you.

Active Defense

Responds specifically to every risk: In an important circumstance, Active Defense launches actions to safeguard you such as tightening up the safety belt, putting the seats upright and closing the windows and also sunroof. After a crash, automated stopping could bring the lorry to a dead stop, hence preventing or lowering the possibility of follow-on collisions. In addition, the Listening assistant advises breaks whenever there are any kind of signs of tiredness to avoid risks occurring in the first place.

BMW Active Driving Assistant

Lane Departure Warning

Stay on training course. The Lane Separation Warning consisting of camera-based Crash Warning signs up lane markings at a distance of 50 metres and also past a speed of about 70 km/h. When you drive over the lane markings at the left and also right without triggering your indications, the camera-based system alerts you by delicately shaking the guiding wheel. Camera-based Crash Caution identifies cars ahead and alerts you if the void ahead ends up being also brief or if there is a looming danger of crash. You can then react in time and also avoid crashes.

Lane Change Caution

Your BMW watches out for you. When another automobile is approaching at broadband from behind or is in your blind spot, the Lane Modification Warning aids to assess the scenario properly. If there is currently a car in the neighbouring lane, radar sensors advise you using a symbol in the exterior mirror. If you then operate the sign, the guiding wheel vibrates as well as the icon flashes up.

Smart Vision

Wherever your trip takes you, you should constantly keep whatever in view. With the cutting-edge vision assistant modern technologies this is rather straightforward. They help you in uncertain scenarios and also assure you the very best possible visibility during the night. See more with your BMW.


See what's coming faster. With Side View you can "peek around the corner" at blind junctions or leaves while your line of vision is still actually obstructed. Two cameras built into the front wheel arches allow you to observe crossing web traffic. You can see the video picture in the Control Show and therefore keep an eye on whatever.


Always understand just what rely on take following. Which's not all. While you focus on the roadway, the full-colour BMW Head-Up Show tasks all the information relevant to your journey straight right into your line of sight: this consists of details such as present speed, crash cautions, Speed Limit Information or control messages. Without needing to continuously switch your gaze from roadway to control panel, you take a trip in higher safety and security and comfort.

BMW Active Driving Assistant


A transformation in secure driving at evening: BMW Night Vision with Dynamic light spot boosts your understanding of dangerous scenarios. A thermal imaging video camera identifies any kind of pedestrians or animals at night as well as presents them straight on the Control Show. They are then selectively illuminated by a high-power spotlight. Consequently, you get an especially clear view of everything that you shouldn't miss out on at night. And the light gives a reliable warning for pedestrians and also pets.

High-Beam Assistant

Extra light ways more security. The High-Beam Assistant instantly cares for increasing and dipping the light beam when you're driving your BMW at night. The electronic camera set up near the interior mirror keeps an eye on the website traffic situation and also reacts promptly to any lights at ranges of up to 1,000 metres away. Relying on the visibility, the system determines when the fronts lights ought to be switched over to high beam of light.

Dazzle-free High-Beam Assistant

The dazzle-free High-Beam Assistant makes travelling at night much more positive and even much safer. The system prevents dipping the headlights completely as well as offers a specifically efficient long-term full beam of light. Front lights ranges over of 400 m make sure that risks are spotted in good time as well as assurance improved monitoring. Wherever the High-Beam Assistant discovers any kind of lorries ahead or oncoming website traffic, it partly covers up the cone of light. You as a result constantly enjoy the best possible vision even in the evening.

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