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BMW Dashboard Warning Lights

BMW Dashboard Warning Lights - The initial feedback you have when you see a light on the dashboard is that there is something wrong with your car. Seeing something uncommon crop up can cause a heart-skipping moment, but if you know exactly what whatever means, you could be prepared to act. A few of them are just lights that allow you know that an action is occurring, while others are signs that there could be a trouble with your BMW. So just how can you recognize the distinction?

BMW Dashboard Warning Lights

BMW Dashboard Indicator Lights

Dashboard indication lights are not a signal that there is something incorrect, simply a sign that there is something happening with your vehicle. They are often green, blue, or amber in color.

  • Transform signals.
  • Parking Brake.
  • Headlamp lights, consisting of Front Haze Lamp, High Beam, Car Parking Lamp, and also High-Beam Aide indicators.
  • Energetic Cruise Ship Control.
  • Automatic Hold.
  • Car Discovery while in Energetic Cruise Control.
  • Requirement Cruise Control.
  • Dynamic Stability Control, which indicates that your grip control system has been turned on.
  • Temperature Level Warning Light, which suggests the outdoors temperature level is listed below 37 degrees and you need to be cautious of dangerous roadway conditions.

BMW Dashboard Warning Lights

Unlike indicator lights, dashboard warning lights are an indicator that there is something that needs your focus, commonly instantly. When you see these complying with warning lights, you'll wish to understand just what they suggest, as well as proceed accordingly.

BMW Dashboard Warning Lights

  • Airbag System-- This indicates that Belt Tensioners and/or the airbag system has actually fallen short. When it comes to an accident, they may not limit or deploy correctly. This system should be assessed immediately to guarantee the security of you and your travelers.
  • Anti-Lock Brake System-- The Vehicle Driver Security Control Equipment has actually failed, including the ABS. You will change your driving patterns accordingly, consisting of enabling added range when stopping as well as driving at slower rates. If there is poor weather condition, you will certainly likewise take it right into consideration. You could drive with this failure, however, you need to try and have the system looked into as soon as possible.
  • Coolant Level Low/Oil Degree Low/Windshield Washing Machine Low-- All these show that your liquids have to be topped off. While they all indicate that there is still some liquid left, they should all be dealt with quickly.
  • Tire Stress Display-- When this light is red, it shows a rapid tire deflation, and you have to bring your car to a quit quickly and transform the tire, or contact us at BMW.  When it is yellow, that indicates that tire stress is off by 10% or more. Lowered tire stress damages fuel effectiveness and efficiency, so you need to top off the air in your tires immediately.
  • Solution Lorry-- When it is yellow, it indicates that your car is due for service; when it is red, it suggests that your BMW is past due for a solution. Please set up a solution consultation as necessary.
  • Engine Overheating Light-- This shows that your engine is running at a higher temperature compared to it should. This can indicate something as simple as an absence of coolant, or it might be a lot more intricate. Bring your vehicle to a stop and enable it to cool. After it has cooled down, check coolant level and also re-fill if necessary. For various other issues, you need to call us at BMW for support or, if you are out of the area, your nearest BMW supplier.
  • Engine Light-- When this light is blinking, it is allowing you know that the engine is misfiring, or several of the parts are falling short. Decrease your speed right away, as misfiring can damage exhaust control systems, as well as have the system examined immediately. The vehicle is still operable, yet continued driving with this light on could create severe damages to inner systems.
  • Vacant Light-- You have much less than 30 miles before you are out of gas-- fuel up promptly!

Below at BMW of Louisville, we are always waiting to give service to fix whatever is causing your BMW to show a warning light. We understand you want your cars and truck back quickly, with top quality service done by reputable technicians-- that's why we use a top-tier group and also maintain a large range of components available. Your BMW is a high-performance maker when it is in great order, so see to it is always in excellent order by hearkening the warning lights.

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