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BMW Key Fob Programming

BMW Key Fob Programming - These are the actions you should adhere to in order to program remote Diamond Shaped Key on the BMW cars and trucks. This kind of keys remote was used on BMW E46, E39, X3, X5 as well as others created from 1999. OEM Component Number of tricks: KR55WK47993 as well as others.

  • Open central securing system (ZV) making use of the vehicle key. You need to start the central locking system initially.
  • Get involved in the auto as well as shut all doors.
  • Making use of the vehicle key, change the ignition lock briefly to ignition lock position 1 and change off again. The changing time has to continue to be under 5 seconds, otherwise, the system is not prepared for initialization. You need to place & transform the key to ignition button setting 1 (not placement 2 )
  •  At the radio transmitter: Press button # 2 and also hold in. You need to after that eliminate the key from the ignition and press & hold switch # 2 within 5 seconds of elimination.
  • Press switch # 1 three times (in a room of 10 seconds ). Button # 2 must continue to be kept in. You then have up to 10 secs to press the Roundel button 3 times (while still holding back switch # 2 ).
  • Release switch # 2.
  • The ZV signals by means of "Locking" as well as prompt "Unlocking" that a radio transmitter has been effectively booted up.

BMW Key Fob Programming

If you have any type of extra remote secrets - you start their programming on ACTION 4.
Do not insert any type of additional remote key right into the ignition button - if you do - the 1st key will certainly shed its programming.

If the ZV does not send a return signal, initialization breast be rebooted. As soon as the first initialization process has been completed, one more 3 radio transmitters could be booted up. For every radio transmitter, the procedure explained under 4 above have to be repeated within 30 secs, otherwise, initialization stand-by is turned off. Throughout initialization, all various other existing radio transmitters need to be initialized. The ignition lock needs to never be reactivated during the initialization procedure. If this were to happen, then all radio transmitters would certainly have to be re-initialized.

Alternative procedure if over does not work or if you do not have a functioning remote:

  • 1. Turn key to position 1 5 times extremely quickly.
  • 2. Remove key.
  • 3. Hold unlock switch after that press lock button 3 times, release unlock button.
  • 4. If you have one more key to the very same button pressing within 30 secs.
  • 5. Transform on the ignition to settle.

Alternate treatment 2:

  • 1. With both keys, get in the cars and truck and shut all doors and windows.
  • 2. Put working key into the ignition and rely on position 1 (the devices need to activate ).
  • 3. Turn the key back to place 0 as well as take the key out of the ignition.
  • 4. Making use of the functioning key, hold down the unlock switch, press the BMW logo (lock switch) 3 times, and also launch the unlock button. Doors ought to secure and also unlock.
  • 5. With the brand-new key, hold down the unlock button as well as press the BMW logo (lock button) 3 times as well as allow go of the unlock switch. Doors need to secure and also unlock and you're done.

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