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BMW Transmission Fluid Change

BMW Transmission Fluid Change - BMW recently dropped the "lifetime" tag from their fluids and also filters and replaced it with "extended solution." Furthermore, ZF, maker of much of the BMW automated transmissions, has actually formally updated their suggestions on transmission maintenance to mirror a minimum regular liquid adjustment period of 62,000 miles or regularly if preferred, making use of the accepted ZF Lifeguard5, Lifeguard6 and also Lifeguard8 liquids, as relevant. See the ZF Automatic Transmission oil Solution Letter in the web link listed below:

At a minimum, we suggest altering automated transmission fluid and filters every other year or at 50,000 miles. (A yearly liquid adjustment would definitely do no damage.) This is the most effective as well as the most cost-effective method to ensure a long, trouble-free life for your BMW's automatic transmission. Earlier BMWs with automated transmissions use Dexron III liquid; later on, BMWs utilize one of the numerous "lifetime" fluids. You should make use of the proper fluid for your application. Bavarian Autosport carries all the appropriate liquids and the filters.

In this two-part DIY video collection we'll transform the fluid and filter on a 2000 BMW 528it (with 225,000 miles).

The lorry needs to be basically level when filling as well as adjusting the fluid degree. As a result, we can not just raise the front or the back to do this task.

  • Always loosen the fill plug before eliminating the drainpipe plug. This can protect against a situation where the fluid has been drained and also the fill plug could not be readily gotten rid of due to corrosion or taking. We did do this but did disappoint it in the video clip.
  • When changing the last fluid level, the liquid must be at operating temperature level (typically, concerning 140-F). This could be estimated touching the bottom of the liquid pan with your open hand. You ought to have the ability to touch the frying pan, but not hold your hand there. Of training course, an infra-red temp weapon can likewise be used (see listed below).
  • The general treatments are shown below use too many BMW automatic transmissions. Nonetheless, various other designs might have different shaped liquid frying pans and filters and different fill and also drain plug locations.

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